Shyness is something many have experienced at some point in our lives. We may call ourselves the “shy-types” in school because we don’t want to be in a lot of crowds, or we do our projects all by ourselves. We may have grown not to prefer speaking activities, and this preference may have stayed as we grow up.

However, shy habits developed early can stay even as we reach adulthood, and as such, we may find ourselves struggling to be more confident in the workplace.

Strategies for Success.

This is tricky, as being employed means having to deal with our co-workers and managers to earn a living. There might be times where we have to present reports or to make speeches. “Being confident” is something easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. You can become confident you in the workplace by following these steps.

  • Trumpet your success: Whenever you submitted your 30-pages report on time and your boss was happy about the output you’ve made, celebrate these little triumphs. It’s good practice to try to do this without sounding like you’re bragging about your successes, as this helps you practice your articulation skills. Celebrating achievements like these will make you feel more confident at work because you now have feelings of self-rewards and self-acknowledgement.
  • Use criticisms positively: It’s almost impossible to find a workplace where everyone likes you and the decisions you make for the company. No matter which industry you’ll be working and no matter how hard you try, there’ll always be people who’ll be throwing negativities at you. Instead of letting all of these get on your nerves, use other people’s criticisms as a benchmark for you to improve. These people practically pointed out what’s wrong with you, so make use of their comments to improve over time. You’ll grow more once you do this, and you’ll be gaining a lot of confidence along the way.
  • Always speak your mind: You know you have a lot of ideas to share during monthly meetings, but you never talk about it because you don’t have the confidence to do so. You have to uncork the confidence blocker. Your ideas might not be flawless but being able to defend them can make a big difference. Once you get to speak your mind confidently, it’ll be easier for you to share your thoughts and even persuade other people.
  • Train yourself: Everything begins within you. If you think that you’re not confident enough to handle people, your actions will be a reflection of what you’re thinking. That’s why it’s always a good idea to train yourself to whatever areas you think you lack. For example, if you’re never confident to talk to new hires during company orientation because you don’t know too much about the company’s history, take your time to ask upper management about this information. Look for reliable sources and master this information. By the time another company orientation is scheduled, you’ll be discussing the company’s history with your head held up high.
  • Surround yourself with people who will boost your confidence: There’ll be people who’ll underestimate and question what you do. Consider who these people are in your workplace (and even in your life) and make sure that you stay away from them. These kinds of people will only bring you down and will only lead you to self-doubts. Instead, look for people who are always motivating and supporting you. These people will serve as your cheerleaders, and they can boost your confidence in no time!
  • Seek professional help: If none of these tips helped you even in the smallest ways, seeking professional advice might be the best option for you. There are many organisations which focus on assisting people in building their confidence through counselling sessions. If you’re living near the areas of Western Australia, Life Resolutions Bunbury can help you with your problem. We have trained psychologists who will work with you to mould your confidence in the workplace.

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Being confident in the workplace can be a contributing factor not just to your growth within the company, but your growth as a person. After all, your confidence won’t only allow you to express yourself and your ideas to others but can also help you be your most creative self even in the company of others. The process of becoming confident might be complicated at first, but once you think of the things you can reap once you’re a more confident you, you’ll be fuelled to keep going and to become better! Are you ready to be confident in the workplace?

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