Could you be Dealing with a Binge Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are particularly insidious and difficult mental health conditions because they concern something we cannot escape. When people think abouteating disorders, conditions such as anorexia and bulimia often spring to mind, but binge eating disorder can be equally harmful and difficult to manage.

At Life Resolutions, we offer specialistsupport for those suffering from binge eating disorder and can help you on your journey to wellness.

Mary Magalotti on Identifying Binge Eating Disorder

Someone can be considered to have abinge eating disorder when they find themselves eating large amounts of food within a short time frame, and engage in this habit repeatedly. Binge eating can be difficult to spot because everyone overeats occasionally, but for someone with binge eating disorder, it is a practise they cannot shake. Someone who binge eats will find themselves eating rapidly, continuing to eat once they are full, and struggling to control what they eat.

Someone who is experiencing binge eating disorder will likely have a lot of shame around their eating habits and may refuse to eat around other people. It is important to note that binge eating can affect anyone of any size, shape, and body type.

If you worry that your relationship with food is unhealthy and impacting your quality of life,seek help today.Mary Magalotti, Jodie Brenton and the psychology team at Life Resolutionscan offer you dedicated support.

Seek Support with Life Resolutions

If you think you may have an eating disorder,remember that help is available. Our team of passionate mental health professionals are currently offering Telehealth servicesalong with face-to-face consultations for both new and existing clients. So, if you are experiencing patterns of disordered eating and want support,contact our friendly team tobook an appointment.

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