Alcohol and drug addiction affects many people across the globe, and anyone can find themselves unexpectedly battling with substance abuse issues

There is lots of stigma against those struggling with addiction, but it is important to remember that it is an illness like any other and help and support is available. Many people who are experiencing drug and alcohol addictions will require professional help to reduce and overcome their addiction, and a Life Resolutions psychologist can help you get back on the path to happiness and wellness.

It can be hard to identify if you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol issues. Many people will be able to convince even themselves that their substance use is not an addiction, however, there are some key signs and symptoms to look out for.

Are you struggling with drug use?

  • Do you experience constant urges to use the drug?
  • Do you find you need to use increasingly large amounts of the drug to achieve the intended effect?
  • Do you spend more money than you can afford on drugs?
  • Are you continuing to use despite it causing issues with your work, friends, or family?
  • Are your efforts to stop using hampered by unmanageable withdrawal symptoms?

Are you struggling with a drinking problem?

  • Do you cope with blackouts and short-term memory loss when you drink?
  • Do you notice yourself finding excuses to drink?
  • Are you regularly drinking alone, or drinking heavily every night?
  • Do you find that hangover symptoms are a regular part of your day?
  • Are you experiencing issues with friends or family as result of your drinking?

Drug and alcohol addiction often present alongside mental illness, so a trained psychologist is the ideal person to help you identify the causes of your addiction, manage your symptoms, and overcome your substance abuse issues. Please reach out and seek support today.

The Life Resolutions Team is Here to Support You

If you would like to chat with our friendly team, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with Life Resolutions. Contact our friendly team today or visit our website for more on the services we offer at LifeResolutions.

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