More Australians than ever are working from home this year, some for the first time. Although the perks include a much shorter commute and more time with family, there can be some difficulties too. Jodie Brentonand the team at Life Resolutions know how tough this adjustment can be and have compiled some tips and tricks to help you make the most of this new challenge.

Jodie Brentonon Working From Home

  1. Routine– You do not want to get stuck feeling like your workday is never-ending. Start work at a set time each day and commit to finishing at that time as well.
  2. Organisation – It can be easy to get distracted and confused when working from home. Take time to note down all the tasks you want to complete that day and keep the list somewhere you can see it while you work.
  3. Breaks– Do not attempt to power through your work without stopping for a break. Take five to stretch and grab a glass of water once an hour or so, and respect your daily lunch break every day.
  4. Wellbeing–It is impossible to stay motivated if your mental health is on the decline. This year has posed new challenges for many, and it is important to seek support if you are struggling. The Life Resolutionsteam are proud to provide high-quality Telehealth services, as well as in-person consultations, so reach out if you have concerns about your mental health or would just like a chat with a professional.

Seeking Support with Life Resolutions

If you are struggling, pleasecontact our Life Resolutions team today to book an appointment.Our friendly team of professionals at Life Resolutions are here to help you with whatever you are dealing with. Visit Jodie BrentonandMary Magalotti for more information and support.

You can also book a convenient Telehealth appointment with our Life Resolutions teambyheading to our bookings page.

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