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Cleaning your space might deem like a boring and mundane take but cleaning has been proven to be more beneficial than you may think! The Anxiety and Depression Association of America found tasks such as cleaning and decluttering can boost your mood and improve your mental health!

Our Director, Jodie Brenton, and head psychologist Mary Maglotti strive to ensure that all Australians to have to skills to live a happy life! This is why our team at Life Resolutions, aim to increase knowledge and support regarding a range mental health and wellness topics.

Spring Cleaning and Your Mental Health


Not only and clutter and mess add to your stress, the action of cleaning can help reduce anxiety and stress! This is partly due to the physical activity required to complete cleaning jobs. These actions help release hormones in your brain that can improve your mood.  A study found that those who regularly clean their spaces report lower levels of stress and fatigue, than those who do not clean or declutter their area.


Cleaning can help you feel a sense of achievement and control! This can kickstart your mood and your sense of productivity. Starting and finishing a cleaning task can break the cycle of unproductivity and help you feel like you can achieve the things you set out too.

Rest and Sleep

That is right, cleaning can even improve your ability to sleep! A study found that decluttering, cleaning your sheets and making your bed can improve the quality of your rest! Clutter and mess can increase stress and interrupt one’s ability to rest in a cluttered space.

Here at Life Resolutions, we believe that behavioural changes, such as cleaning, along with mental health support can help improve your mental health.

Jodie Brenton has worked hard to improve the accessibility of mental health services. Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists provide quality care on a range of mental health topics. Our team aim to help you improve your mental well-being.

To find out more about other mental health topics, check out our blog. Here at Life Resolutions, we offer a range of services, you can find out more on our website. You can also book online or over the phone.