At first glance, shyness and social anxiety can seem similar. To an outsider, they may even look the same. However, there are some important differences – today, Life Resolutions Psychologist Mary Magalotti talks about how you can identify if social anxiety is holding you back:

What is Social Anxiety?

Although shyness features similar traits to social anxiety, it is the severity that sets them apart. Although shy people may feel increased anxiety and discomfort in social situations, those who struggle with social anxiety find that this discomfort stops them from living life to the fullest and affects their mental health.

People who have social anxiety might find that they spend a lot of energy worrying about social situations, avoiding social situations, and managing their distress during social situations. If this sounds like you… you might not just be merely shy, but instead suffering from anxiety.

Life Resolutions – Support for Social Anxiety

Ultimately, it is your comfort, wellness, and happiness that is important. So regardless of whether you are just shy, or indeed suffering from social anxiety, our Life Resolutions psychologists can help you learn new techniques to manage those tricky social situations.

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