Studying is not an easy thing to do. With increased pressure of balancing studies, exams, extra-curricular activities, work and social activities, students can feel very stressed and overwhelmed.

Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti created Life Resolutions to provide mental health services that can be accessed by everyone, including students all around Australia.

While students are managing their studies, many of them also juggle work, sport, and social commitments. Stress and other mental health issues can quickly worsen and go overlooked due to the busy life of students. Counselling can help students learn stress and time management techniques to help them succeed in all aspects of life.

Finding a new career or a direction can be a large source of worry and stress for students. We offer career and success counselling can help provide students with a clear direction and a set of goals that will help them get to where they want to go. These goals can increase a student’s sense of achievement and motivate them to succeed academically.

It is highly important that students seek professional support as 70 per cent of Australian students would rate their mental health as ‘poor’ or ‘fair’. Students suffering from poor mental wellbeing may find it increasingly hard to succeed academically. This can have a snowball effect as the stress of under-performing will increase a student’s stress levels.

The team of mental health professionals at Life Resolutions put together by Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti is well equipped to provide counselling in areas of stress management, educational, career success, and improving the mental wellbeing of students of all ages.

For more information about our services visit our website. To ensure student wellbeing, you can book an appointment online or over the phone.